How to present someone with CherishedLoveLocks

How to present someone with CherishedLoveLocks

Your CherishedLoveLocks keys are powerful tokens that allows to the owner to place a CLL padlock anywhere in the World.

Share the Power of Love:

You can buy and give a CLL key to someone special and let your connection flourish. You can also give the CLL padlock itself along with one or more CLL keys, if you want.

  1. Open your Wallet: Access your ERC-721 compliant wallet like Metamask or Coinbase.

  2. Find the CLL Key: Locate the CLL key within your collection of tokens.

  3. Initiate the Transfer: Follow your wallet’s standard procedure to transfer an ERC-721 NFT.

  4. Enter Recipient’s Wallet Address: Provide the recipient’s wallet address as the destination for the CLL key transfer.

  5. Confirm and Send: Confirm the transfer and send the CLL key with heartfelt intention.

    Celebrate the joyous act of giving and the deep connection you share.