How to place your love locks

How to place your love locks

Relocate Your CLL: A Symbol of Love, Placed Anywhere You Desire!

Unleash the power of your CLL (CherishedLoveLock) by relocating it to a special place in the world. Follow these simple steps to create a truly meaningful connection:

  1. Acquire a CLL padlock and keys: Once you have obtained a CLL padlock and its accompanying keys, you can embark on a journey to place it in your desired location around the world. Acquire CLL

  2. Fill in the token IDs of the padlock and one of its keys: In your wallet, enter the token IDs of the padlock and one of its keys that you own. This will validate your ownership. Pasting token IDs

  3. Choose the perfect location: Discover that special bridge or reminisce about a cherished place you both hold dear. Visit Google Maps or any other map service, right-click on your desired location to copy the coordinates, and paste them on the relocation page. Pasting coordinates

  4. Place your padlock: Once you are satisfied with the chosen location, click the “Place it!” button. Confirm the transaction that appears in your wallet, and witness the magic unfold as your padlock is placed in that special spot.

Remember, you will need the token ID of a padlock and at least one of its keys. With the key ID in your wallet, you hold the power to move the padlock and make it a part of your unique love story.

If all the keys of a padlock are released into water (NFT burnt), it symbolizes the eternal connection of love, where nobody owns any key, and the padlock remains in that special place for eternity. You can check at anytime where your padlock is using the Token viewer : Pasting coordinates

Celebrate your love by gifting an everlasting symbol that transcends borders and captures your most cherished memories.