What Are CherisedLoveLocks?

CherishedLoveLocks are NFTs which redefine the norm, going beyond pure speculation and mere collectibles. Now you can share NFTs as a love gift.

This is an enviromental-friendly alternative to polluting rivers with metallic keys. Also, no local law is broken by locking padlocks in public structures.

CherisedLoveLocks concept is composed of 2 NFTs: one for the padlocks, other for the keys.

  • ✏️ Customise padlocks with love messages.
  • πŸ”‘ Keys shapes are unique, only opening their matching padlock.
  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Use keys to place them worldwide.

Truly unbreakable, truly eternal

Love locks are padlocks that couples attach to bridges to symbolize their unbreakable bond.This romantic gesture has been around for decades and has become a popular trend all over the world.

Since CherisedLoveLocks are ethereum based NFTs they are truly eternal and unbreakable.

No public authority will never remove your CherisedLoveLock from its location.

No vandals will ever destroy your CherisedLoveLocks. Only the owner of a key can move a padlock. Where you want, whenever you want.

Mini how-to

Acquire your special love lock pack, which includes a padlock and its accompanying keys.
Customise your love lock with a heartfelt message, personalizing it to represent your unique bond.
Present one of the keys to your beloved as a symbol of trust.
Together, place your CLL in a a cherished location with special meaning for you.
Finally, release all the keys into the water, symbolizing the unbreakable nature of your love.

πŸ’ Unlock the magic of your love with our exceptional love lock, preserving your most cherished memories for a lifetime.

... or you can collect CherisedLoveLocks, just like another NFT πŸ”₯

Express Your Love in a Unique Way

With our collection of love locks, you can express your love in a unique meaningful way. Choose from a variety of designs and colors to find the perfect lock that represents your love story.

πŸ’΅ Buy CLL

Customise your CherisedLoveLock

Put that special date, your names, or even a lovely phrase for your special one.

πŸ€“ Learn how to customise
your CLL
How to release CLL keys

How to release CLL keys

After purchasing a padlock and its accompanying keys, you shared a key with your beloved....

How to present someone with CherishedLoveLocks

How to present someone with CherishedLoveLocks

Your CherishedLoveLocks keys are powerful tokens that allows to the owner to place a CLL...

How to place your love locks

How to place your love locks

Relocate Your CLL: A Symbol of Love, Placed Anywhere You Desire!

How to customise your padlock

How to customise your padlock

Customizing your CherishedLoveLock: Creating a Timeless Gift for Your Loved One!

How to acquire CLL

How to acquire CLL


The NFT Padlock that can't be Removed by Local Authorities

The NFT Padlock that can't be Removed by Local Authorities

In recent years, the tradition of attaching β€œlove locks” to bridges has become increasingly popular...